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Monday, May 24, 2010



I'm sorry about the not good news... I'd love to follow you to your new blog, if you'll have me! Wishing you all the best as you chase your second star!


I'm sorry about the not good news as well. I however would like to continue to follow your journey. Hang in there!


I'd love to be here for your continued journey...

hopefulmotherblog at gmail dot com


Oh, you know I want to follow along.

I'm sorry the news wasn't good, but having a plan always is. Can't wait to hear about it.

Yo-yo Mama

Oooh! New bog and new identity! I think you'll enjoy it. I have.


I am sorry about the bad news, but I hope the plan you have will set things in motion for some good news to come your way.

I have followed you to long not to continue following now! Please let me know where your new blog will be.


Dear Nina, I'm sorry your news wasn't good, but I'm glad you're talking about things again. And I'd love to follow you in the new place. XO


I'm sorry the news was bad, but it's good that you have a plan.

I'm trying to keep the longing for a second child in one drawer and my relationship with my daughter in another, I guess that's what my blog is designed for as well. No idea if it's working.

Anyway, I would love to follow along to your new place, if you'll have me.


Sorry your news was not good.

I would love to continue reading part 2.


I missed your last update!

So sorry to hear that your news wasn't good. Please can you email me about your new blog.



I would love to follow along at your new blog

abs x


Take me with you! casa.vacant@gmail.com
xoxo Flicka


will always want to follow your story. Please include me - and good luck on the journey.


Please include me on the new journey. I've enjoyed following you over the years and hope that you find another jewel at the end of the next path. :-)


I would love to hear how things turn out for your family. New blog URL, please!


Is there a new blog? I already know the ending (and how lovely she is!), but would love to fill in the gaps! Which as we speak, I need to fill you in with our story too! And erm, your gift is on our dresser in The Hague... We're now back in Damascus. Big oops! Will somehow get it across!



I thought I had contacted you, but I guess I didn't, because I can't for the life of me find your new blog. If you're still checking, and you'll have me, can you send me the info please?

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