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Friday, August 24, 2007



Lustigt att du har frukt-crawlings! Då jag väntade Valter: isterband. Och mjölk/ ost/ ägg. Då jag väntade Märtan: fruktsallad. Varje dag efter middagen. Och helst några gånger under dagen också. Och ibland nattetid... Däremellan hinkvis med citron/lime-vatten.
En vän till mig hade samma frukt-noja då hon väntade sin flicka, helst persikor/ nektariner. Hon sa att då Greta (hennes dotter) var alldeles nyfödd, så luktade hon persika/ nektarin ur munnen! Om Valter luktade isterband kommer jag inte ihåg/ har jag förträngt...

För övrigt håller jag på namnet "Ruth"! Hur snyggt som helst.


Oh, I so wish I could read that! But you lost me after Lustigt. LOL

I hope the physical therapy helps. Will it include massage?? Massage is always nice.

I think calling a pregnant woman "fatty" should be punishable by, by, by . . . something severe! Calling any woman "fatty" fot that matter. It's an awful thing to say. I am sure you look great, with or without photo evidence.


Fatty... that's just freaking rude!

Make sure you do the physical therapy. I had that issue to, it's freaking nasty! Good luck and take care


I am also cutting down my work hours! Still 4 full days a week, but it's going to be lovely to have some rest/preparation time.

I understand your decision NOT to post belly shots.....I actually sway the other way. I always pre warn however that I am posting one so that my friends can choose to look or not. Some days are easier than others.

Gosh, look at us Nina! It's lovely to have our pregnancies so close together.


Dear Nina, that sounds painful indeed! So glad you're off sick, even if it's part-time. In the meantime I hope you can find positions that work for you.


Hope you get some pain relief soon.


Lut C.

I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with pelvic girdle pain. It sounds pretty dreadful and I hope the physical therapy helps.

I've been eating a whole lot of fruit too. Fruit and yoghurt. Yum! I haven't dreamt of fruit yet though.

You have waited long to get here. Still, that doesn't mean your feelings about body image miraculously vanish. I do hope it doesn't trouble you too much.


People really use the term "fatty"? That is horrible - having an almost identical food/diet/eating disorder past as you I am horrified. No, you are not "fat", you are pregnant - HUGE difference.

It is sweet for you to remember how much pain the belly shots caused you - even though you are not posting pictures, I hope you have some for yourself. I suffer from belly envy quite a bit - even with adopting, I don't think that will ever go away.


First off, I can't believe you crave fruit. That's no fun. In the next post, please lie and say you ate an entire chocolate cake. That would make me smile...and I do hope you find some pain relief soon.


Wow fruit..that sounds so yummy! I hope physical theraphy helps you and brings you some relief!


I had some nerve problems but just enough to get me a special chair, no time off work. I hope that you are starting to get some sleep. Everybody will say "sleep now, because you won't once the baby comes" but that is bullsh!t. I slept awful when I was pg and now my baby is 4months and sleeps 11 blissfull hours. A good nights sleep is somewhere in your future.


Glad things are progressing nicely. I know what you mean about seeing pregnant bellies before. For some reason they still hurt a bit, even if I am 16 wks pregnant myself. I don't 'show' yet and it hurts somehow, but I will get through it.

Take care


So how are you feeling??

Shop Girl

Hi Nina,
So sorry you're dealing with this pain. I believe I dealt with the same thing, but I was calling it Symphysis Pubis pain, and of course my doctor was no help - just said it was a common part of pregnancy. I actually did quite a bit of research on the web on it because I was so frustrated to get so little usable advice on how to cope. As I recall, this started around the same time in my pregnancy as you are currently at, and lasted until I gave birth (I was THRILLED that the pain was gone when I got up from the hospital bed the day after my c-section!)

The below website was the best I could find regarding tips on how to cope - plus this website was one of my favorites throughout pregnancy as the weekly newsletters were full of very useful information. Hope this helps a little!


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